The Ringnald 7-Step Process Audio and Text

1. Eyeball Support and Resistance levels by seeing where price failed to move higher and lower, the more touches the better.

2. Look for important chart patterns, including if you see one or more which we’re currently in. Are we in a throwback/pullback?

Are we in a flag/pennant? Triangle? Double/triple top?etc.

3. Analyze recent candlesticks and candlestick patterns and see if there’s anything of note.

4. Volume by time and volume by price, incorporate this with steps 1-3.

5. Fibonnacci retracements/extensions, especially the 68.2. Incorporate with 1-4.

6. Momentum and RSI. Look for divergences and crosses of the 0 line on momentum and 50 on RSI.

7. Other analyses.

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