Question everyone and Everything | Ringnald: Crypto Mastery Podcast Ep. 5.

 Socrates questioned everyone and everything, including commoners and aristocrats. 

He divorced himself from philosophy, and obeyed his principles. Learn from Socrates. Question everyone and everything, including yourself. Learn to read the chart, to let her speak to you, rather than imposing yourself on her. 

You can’t avoid human emotions, and although its best to mitigate your emotions as a first step, true masters learn to harness their emotions and have them work in their favor.   Stop thinking you can impose your own thoughts and biases on the chart, stop thinking that your portfolio cares what “I think.”  Your self talk matters, and I argue here that you should start referring to the chart and to your own portfolio as “the chart/my portfolio says/feels X” rather than “I think/feel X.” Why? 

Because that way, your own biases aren’t imposed on the chart. And truly, your own biases are bullshit. The chart doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you “think/feel,” the chart is going to do what she’s going to do. And as soon as you say “I think” or “I feel,” you’ve already lost the battle.  And so my friends, here’s my advice:  Question everything and everyone, including your own self-talk. 

 Stop saying – internally or externally “I… (x)”, especially “I think…,” or “I feel.” Because you’ve already lost the moment you’ve done that.  I’ll see you all very soon!  

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