Bitcoin Analysis April 15 2018 13:35

Hello Patrons and guests! On this episode of the podcast, we dive into my thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC) and why I remain short even though I’ve sustained losses. Here’s a bullet list for the readers:

1. The large move up was pure short squeeze.

2. Too much whipsaw and consolidation following the pump.

3. A simultaneous increase of 8% in short positions on Bitfinex and 2% fewer Long positions. 

4. Each time price wants to drop lower, it gets pumped back up just enough to get in a higher liquidity area, which reels like artificial timing to me.

5. There’s now a greater risk/reward ratio for big players on the short side following the short squeeze, not the long side.

6. The higher and longer we remain up around $8200-8100 the more lucrative a short position becomes for big players – who need time in consolidation to start accumulating short sell contracts (we’ve discussed this sort of thing before).

7. A distinct lack of volume following the short squeeze. 

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