12 Million Cryptokitties | Ringnald: Crypto Mastery Podcast Ep.2


Brand new funding comes into the cryptoverse, as 12 million is pledged for the Ethereum-based application “Crypto Kitties.” In other news, the U.S. is cracking down on the Venezuelan crypto “Petro,” at least, from Americans purchasing the token. It is, from President Trump’s order, illegal for American citizens to bypass U.S. sanctions on Venezuela by purchasing the oil-and-blood backed Venezuelan token.

In other news, Ethereum co-founder attempts to solve “governance problem” in Ethereum and other blockchains with new project “polkadot.” The DOT token apparently offers user based voting on every single change to the DOT platforms’ code; there are, however, skeptics to the plan.

My name is Reece Ringnald, author of Ringnald: Crypto Mastery. Thank you for listening to the podcast!

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